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On 27 Jan. the new club for creative activities and family groups of the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association - Varna hosted a meeting for NGOs representatives from the North-Eastern region, organized by the members of the Secretariat of the National Network for Children: Georgi Bogdanov (Executive Director) and Maria Brestnichka (Head of "Network development"). The event was also attended by representatives of the regional structures of the National Association of Resource Teachers.
Gergana Encheva, the regional coordinator of the network from the Gavroche Association, presented an overview of the activities completed in the region over the period of June - December 2015. The Operational plan was under discussion and suggestions were made as to its optimization. An emphasis was placed on the participation of regional organizations in the youth event network VOCE. IT, which took place on 20 Nov. 2015 in Sofia. The event featured  "The Children of Fate" video made by youths from Varna.
The highlight from the region over the past 6 months was definitely the Discussion Meeting on "Early preparation and prevention of early school leaving by children at risk. Improving intersectoral communication ", held in early December 2015 . The Discussion Meeting involved organizations presenting their good practices and issues before the local government representatives, the community center, kindergartens, schools and parents.
The second part of the regional meeting included discussion of plans and opportunities for participation of local organizations in the upcoming events and campaigns of the National Network for Children, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

The end result of the meeting was the defining of top priority for the region and planning of activities and areas for collaboration for the year.