Помолихме наш доброволец по проект "Мобилна подкрепа" да сподели защо и какво е да работиш на добра воля:

Мелина разказа:
I wanted to become a volunteer, because I wanted to broaden my knowledge of how other countries approach minority group people such as the gypsies and what is done to to help migrate them into a more regular routine of education and integration with other cultures. I’ve always wanted to help overseas, you don’t have to travel far to see where help is needed and why Bulgaria was my first choice.
Having been here nearly 2 weeks I’ve seen how help in the smallest of ways makes a massive difference in these people lives.
Whilst working with the Roma children, trying to help them with English and outdoor activities involving communication, will help them grow in the long term as they are learning from what are foreigners to them, and are always so keen to get involved, and be told how to do things. They all had so much interest and energy in wanting to learn more, and always getting involved when we were playing team games like football or dodgeball, and sticking to all rules as to play fair.
When working with the elderly, it’s interesting to learn from them and their life stories and experiences, and when providing them with the ability to go out side for walks, it’s rewarding that you are able to give them even the smallest amount of care back.
Our leaders Chris and Lubov are brilliant when working with all types of groups of people as they are brilliant at trying to translate all that is being said, and anything we want to know about the projects or when we communicate with the children.
Bulgaria, has a lot to offer and is a great city experience of Eastern Europe. Being, able to now understand that groups of Roma children need help and progression as much as any other minority in the world, has made me realise any help is good help, and any education is progression.
I am so happy I’ve had the opportunity to learn from these communities about children and get to know them on a more personal level. Being a student, exposure to as many different kinds of people all over the world is going to help me respect all patients I may treat and with compassion, and this experience in Bulgaria has definitely helped me grow as a person and no matter how big the language barrier, communication is always possible.